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Professional Diving Services, Training & Consulting for SuperYachts & Expedition Cruise Ships

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To the authentic, unique and inovative place where you have the opportunity to become a real professional diver able to perform & exceed the highest & most advanced requierements in the recreational SCUBA diving industry

(SuperYachts, Expedition & Cruise Ships, Dive Centers & Dive Resorts).

We are one of the very few SCUBA diving training facility in the World with REAL SuperYachts & Expedition-Cruise ships experience,

able to in-deep analyze and offer best and widest training courses options on the market:

from SDI Open Water Diver to Divemaster +20 SDI Speccialties,

ANDI Open Water Diver to ANDI Open Water SCUBA Instructor & Normoxic Trimix Instructor.

ANDI / TDI Basic Nitrox to Advanced Trimix & Advanced Exploration Wrecks,

Rebreathers (JJ-CCR  & SF2eCCR), Gas Blending & O'Dive Doppler (microbubbles analysis),

DIRrebreather Fundamentals CCR & Support Diver OC/CCR

Plus a complex & specialized First Response training

(Divers Alert Network Europe, First Response Training International)

packages for remote diving operations!

Disabled diving (Disabled Diving International - SDI Scubility) for those with special attention & needs is on our list of VIP services!